Senator David Curtis
Senator David Curtis

When it comes to my political philosophy, I have two issues that I am most concerned about:

A. Fighting the anti-capitalistic and pro-socialism agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party

B. Fighting for the family values legacy of Dr. Forrester

A. Pro capitalism; anti-socialism

I have an economics degree from UNC-Chapel Hill. As you know, Carolina and most big institutions of higher learning are very liberal. The liberal faculty tried to convince us that socialism is the best economic model in the world. If you look at socialism from a theoretical model prospective (which is what most academic folks do) socialism looks pretty good. However, it never works in the real world and has a 100% failure rate out in the real world. Our country was founded on the capitalistic economic model. This economic model created more wealth and the highest standard of living for our citizens than at any time in history. It is hard for me to believe that the Democratic Party wants to destroy our successful capitalistic model and replace it with a failed socialistic model. I want to defend capitalism and fight socialism whenever possible.

I feel that job creation should be the focus of the state legislature next year. In my opinion, there are two ways to create jobs in this state.

1) We need to reduce the size and scope of state government. This will allow us to cut the state budget and then reduce personal and corporate taxes.

2) We need to reduce expensive state regulations.

If we cut state taxes and regulations, then businesses will be encouraged to hire more workers. Also it will make North Carolina a more attractive state to come to when companies want to expand.

B. Family values

I I want to continue the family values legacy of Dr. Forrester. Family values are under attack from many quarters: the Democratic Party, the American Civil Liberties union, and the court system. If elected, I will work hard to defend family values in North Carolina.